Thank you for your interest in the 2019 Dickens’ Christmas Festival. To be a part of the Dickens’ Christmas Festival, you must fill out the following form with all appropriate information. Please make sure to read our information packet for all the important details that you may need. If you prefer to register on paper form, please click the “Vendor Registration” below, otherwise continue to the online form.

Vendor Registration in Paper Form (Skip if filling out form below)

Please fill out the form below.  You will then be directed to the vendor pricing page for payment options.  Your application will not be processed until a minimum deposit of $100 per show is received.

Vendor Online Application

  • Every category of craft or item you plan to exhibit or sell MUST be listed in detail and MUST be juried. If booth is being shared, all parties must be named and merchandise juried. Any additions appearing without permission will Result in expulsion from the Festival and forfeiture of booth fee. EVEN IF YOU HAVE EXHIBITED PREVIOUSLY, PLEASE LIST ITEMS AND BE SPECIFIC TO PROTECT YOURSELF.
Contact Dickens Festival

We would love to hear from you regarding our upcoming Dickens Christmas Festival In St. George and Sandy, Utah. Please send a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.